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Gira Waterfall

Gira waterfall

Gira waterfall located at waghai in the dang district. It is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Gujarat. Stunningly lovely around monsoon, these seasonal (simply after downpours) falls are among the most beautiful sights in this region. Gira waterfall is seasonal falls, so its beautiful around the monsoon. Waterfall Dang fed by the ambika river. After some heavy rain, when the speed of the river plugging into the water it create a foggy charming look and musical beats. 

It is full of mother nature’s greatest hits and capture the beauty of nature, so its true from never gets better. Serenity and divinity as it’s a beautiful wide area middle of the hills and beautiful river has passed beside it. Near to Gira waterfall, there is bamboo product you can see in shop which is handmade by dang’s tribal people. You can see the beautiful and artistic work on the bamboo products.

How to get to Gira Water fall

The town of Waghai is 3 km away. Surat: 108 km. Vyara: 63 km. Saputara: 50 km. There are State Transport buses and private luxury coaches from Waghai and Surat. If you are coming by a private car, than National Highway might be quicker, but the state highway will offers a stunningly scenic drive.

Gira Waterfall Images

Map of gira waterfall

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