Goa India: The Rome of the East | New info of 25th Indian State

Highlights of GOA INDIA

Goa is a state of India and well known as a relaxed holiday destination in India. A native of goa is called Goan. Goa has two districts North Goa and South Goa. The capital of Goa is Panaji. The headquarter of North Goa is Panaji and Sout Goa is Margao. The largest city of goa is Vasco Da Gama.

Capital – Panji is also known as Panjim.

Area – 3702 sq.Km

LanguageKonkani, Marathi, Hindi, English

Main Railway Station – Madgaon and Vasco-da-Gama

Airport – Dabolim Airport

Attractions: Beaches, Nightlife, Watersports, Surfing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Hot air Balloon, Festivals, Local Markets.

Best Time to Visit Goa – Winter Season ( November, December, January, February )

Average Expenditure – 3000 INR / Night for 3 Stars hotels, 10,000 INR / Night for 5 Start hotels

Why Goa is a famous tourist spot?

Goa is a state in western India with coastlines extending along the Arabian Sea. Goa India is part of the coastal country known as the Konkan and separated from the Deccan highlands by the Western Ghats. Goa is a traveler goal for all seasons. Goa is a mother lode of culture, music, moves, and works of art that can be appreciated during nearby celebrations and festivities. It said that “Goa parties constantly“. Goa India stands 6th in the top 10 nightlife cities in the world in national geographic travel.

The city is known for its energy that accomplishes its zenith in the yearly Goa Carnival celebration. Goa is additionally known for its sea shores,  going from famous stretches at Baga and Palolem to those in laid-back fishing towns, for example, Agonda. The state is inseparable from its swap meets, solid mixed refreshments, and it’s flavorsome cooking.

Goan cooking is eminent for its assortment of ocean depths dishes. It is cooked with a combination of flavors including coconut, coconut oil, kokum, and nippy peppers. Catholic Goan food contrasts from Hindu Goan food, both scrumptious. Goa India is a sweet blend of eastern and western impacts.

From its eccentric compositions, to its nearby painstaking work, conventional execution expressions, and exemplary Konkani film – there is a touch of something for everyone’s taste. Pulled in by Goa’s bohemian life, many specialists, painters and designers have made their home here. They also have continued to set up craftsmanship displays and museums. There are some very much adored spots to visit in Goa that has for quite some time been mainstream with occasion goers. There’s such a great amount to involvement with this exceptional piece of India that it tends to be difficult to tell where to begin. With over 100km of superb brilliant coastline, wonderful cooking and a rich Portuguese legacy. This is the reason why Goa has for some time been India’s most adored retreat goal.

Since the pioneer times, India’s littlest state has pulled in holidaymakers from everywhere in the world and tucked into the south-west coast. Goa’s energizing turn on conventional Indian culture is not at all like anyplace else in the nation. When someone asks what languages are spoken in goa India the answer is Goan’s communication language is Konkani and Marathi, while English is a widespread language utilized among local people. The use of Hindi is additionally very basic in the state. Goa Tourism Development Corporation offers a few visits to investigate the state. There are energizing waterway travels dispatched by GTDC fluctuating from 60 minutes, two hour or half-day voyage conveying the rush and fervor of swimming in the Arabian Sea. There is a backwater journey that offers a brief look at houses of worship of Old Goa. Also Khumbarjua channel with an opportunity to locate the crocodiles on the banks or in the mangroves.

North Goa vs South Goa

There is a total of 50 beaches are in goa india and the Beaches of North goa is famous and explored than South Goa. Calangute is one of the famous and crowded beaches in North Goa. Anjuna and Arambol are an attraction for foreign tourists.

Both North and South goa is good to visit on vacation. But if you are visiting goa the first time then you should go to North goa. North goa is much crowded than south goa so if you like solitude vacation then choose south goa.


There is a total of 29 beaches are in South Goa. South goa beaches are clean, empty, and seriate coconut tree gives you a real touch of nature. A long seashore is empty where you can feel the freedom to enjoy and relax with your soulmate.

There is a total of 21 beaches are in North Goa. North goa beaches are amazing for the party and watersport lovers. Beaches are full of music, dance, events, beer, and resorts. If you are traveling with friends and family then North goa beach is best for you.

Exploring North Goa

A perfect mix of beaches, pubs, and beer is North Goa. The beaches of North Goa are crowded and draw international and Indian visitors because most of the best things to do and see are in North Goa.

Discos and clubs are open overnight and parties begin to take place. For watersports enthusiasts, the day is an attraction, and drink your beer on the beach while sitting under the umbrella and watching the broad sea view.

In North Goa, where eating and drinking are easily accessible, Calangute and Baga Beach are popular, and many options are available for water and land adventures.

Famous City of North Goa

  • Panji
  • Ponda
  • Mapusa

North Goa Beaches

  • Arambol Beach, Ashwem Beach, Anjuna Beach
  • Baga Beach,
  • Calangute beach, Candolim Beach, Caranzalem Beach, Chapora Beach, Coco Beach,
  • Dona Paula Beach,
  • Kalacha Beach, Kegdole Beach,
  • Mandrem Beach, Miramar Beach, Morjim Beach,
  • Ozran Beach,
  • Querim Beach,
  • Siridao Beach, Sinquerim Beach,
  • Vagator Beach, Vaiguinim Beach

Top 10 Beaches of North Goa

  • Calangute beach
  • Baga beach,
  • Anjuna beach,
  • Candolim beach,
  • Vagator beach,
  • Morjim beach,
  • Arambol Beach,
  • Mandrem Beach,
  • Chapora Beach,
  • Ashvem Beach

Exploring South Goa - places to visit in south goa

South Goa has a special feeling for its gorgeous beaches and view of nature. Isolated beaches cater to newlywed couples and families for a quiet holiday.

You will enjoy a private beach party, cuisine, luxurious hotels, and dolphin hunting when you are in South Goa. Grande Island is best for scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing if you are ready to dive deep in.

Explore wildlife sanctuaries such as Mahavir, Dudhsagar waterfall, beautiful churches, and some historic places such as Chapora forts, South Goa’s Aguada Fort.

Famous City of South Goa

  • Vasco City

South Goa Beaches

  • Agonda Beach, Arossim Beach,
  • Baina Beach, Betalbatim Beach, Betul Beach, Benaulim Beach, Bogmalo Beach,
  • Cansaulim Beach, Cavelossim Beach, Canaiguinim Beach, Cabo de Rama Beach, Colva Beach, Cola Beach,
  • Dharvalem Beach,
  • Galgibag Beach,
  • Hansa Beach, Hollant Beach,
  • Kakolem Beach,
  • Mobor Beach, Mojorda Beach,
  • Palolem Beach, Patnem Beach, Polem Beach,
  • Rajbag Beach,
  • Sernabatim Beach,
  • Talpona Beach,
  • Utorda Beach,
  • Varca Beach, Velsao Beach

Top 10 Beaches of South Goa

  • Colva Beach
  • Palolem Beach
  • Agonda Beach
  • Benaulim Beach
  • Bogmalo Beach
  • Betul Beach
  • Majorda Beach
  • Butterfly Beach
  • Polem Beach
  • Patnem Beach

Goa History and Culture

a brief history of goa India

As Portugal’s first province in quite a while, Goa was the column for an immense flavor exchange network for almost 500 years. Until it was freed by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961. Because of an overwhelming abundance of people in travel industry in last 50 years, Goa is favorite place among India with more than 2 million vacationers yearly. Goa is currently the favored escape for India’s developing working class. From memorable design to profound safe-havens, offers a one of a kind mix of exceptional, awesome encounters.

The starting point of Goa or Gomantak as it is additionally known as relinquished in the exhaust cloud of time. Throughout the long term, different dynasties have managed Goa. Rashtrakutas, Kadambas, Silaharas, Chalukyas, Bahamani Muslims, and on the head of all the Portuguese were leaders of Goa. Most extravagant states and without a doubt brag some the best seashores in the entirety of Asia.

Goa Culture

Goa Culture
Goa Culture

We as a whole love the way of life in Goa Let’s jump profound into the Goan culture to comprehend what makes Goa the best! Generally individuals communicate in Konkani here. Konkani is an Indo-Aryan language, having a place with the Indo-European group of dialects, spoken dominatingly on the west shore of India. Goa is otherwise called the ‘Rome of the East.

Goa India Lifestyle and festivals

Goa has a characteristic impact on their way of life and traditions. Goa’s fair is the most well-known festival of goa and jubilee called Carnaval, intruz, intrados in goa. Goa jubilee is largest in India. Goa festival is the presentation of Roman Catholic customs during the Portuguese success of Goa. In Panjim, the celebration is supplemented by “Grape Escapade”, a neighborhood Wine celebration. A move at Samba Square is additionally popular. The vast majority of their occupations rely upon the travel industry here.

Goan people

The individuals in Goa are very ecstatic individuals who never hesitate to loan some help. They are truly accommodating and will in general live in the moment. The culture of Goa can be portrayed as a mix of their kin, celebrations, workmanship and music. The western impact has consistently made Goans more reformist than the remainder of the nation!

Goan Tradition

Goan tradition, customs, and conventions are effectively versatile on account of their life style. The adaptability in their traditions is because of the way that the spot being regained by various realms. The social legacy of the individuals of goa likewise impacts the customs of the Goans. The conventional ensemble of the womenfolk in Goa India contains that of a 9-yard sari alluded to as the ‘PanoBhaju’ and some gems to adjust the whole outfit. The anglers don’t have a specific clothing, yet are generally observed decorating brilliant cotton shirts with half pants. The clothing of the ancestral individuals in Goa contains an undergarment known as ‘Kashti’, with a sweeping hung around their shoulders. The ladies wear a conventional sari with a tied bunch utilizing their ‘Kunbipalloo’ and have an unmistakable dressing style.

Goa Traditional Food

Goan traditional food is truly attractive fulfilling the hunger of anybody, particularly a gourmet or specialist. On the off chance that you have a place with the above classification and you are making an excursion to Goa, at that point you have settled on the correct decision. Goa traditional food is an ideal mix of assorted food societies – the Konkan, the Portuguese, and the Bahamani Nawabi customs. At the point when you travel to Goa, you will discover Goan cuisine is straightforward yet extremely hot and zesty.

Goa traditional food is prevalently affected by strict Christianity and Hinduism. After some time, cooking techniques have been mixed together and permitted to stew, creating a genuine determination of luxuries. The two religions stress that food ought to be served just in the event that it is scrumptious and new. The introduction is central to Goans as they share their food, particularly during feasts, where food is conveyed among neighbors. Bebinca, Ambot Tik, Crab Xec, Fish Curry Rice, Chicken Cafreal, Goan Feni, Sorpotel, Mushroom Xacuti, Mackerel Reacheado, Sanna and Goan Sausages are extraordinary dishes of Goa. Go Goa and appreciate the scrumptious Goa traditional food and beverages, acclaimed Goan cooking, and eat delectable Goan dishes.

How to reach goa?

Plane 154x150

How to reach by flight?

All India homegrown aircraft fly into Goa. Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, and Air Sahara connect Goa with Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, and Pune. The Dabolim Airport is about 30km from Panaji. It cost you Rs. 3000-6000/Person to reach Goa from different megacities.

Goa India

How to reach by Railway?

Margao is the principal railhead in Goa. Panjim is likewise all around associated by street to the primary public interstate through Goa. Indian Railways connects Goa with direct train administrations from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Mangalore, Kochi, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The main station is generally Madgaon in South Goa, one can likewise decide to get down at Thivim in North Goa. Making a trip to Goa via train is a genuine delight as the course goes through greenery and numerous passages. Goa is likewise associated with Pune through the Belgaum Miraj line. It cost you Rs. 500-3500/Person from different megacities.

Car Svg

How to reach by Road?

The state possessed vehicle works regularly, benefits Goa from different locations. There are loads of vehicles for use all over Goa. National Highway no. 66, 748, 748AA, 366, and 566 connects Goa to the rest of India.


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