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Matheran hill station situated on the western ghat mountain range in Maharastra state. Matheran is one of the smallest hill station in India. Matheran is an evergreen forest. Matheran has a huge number of medicinal plants and herbs. Matheran is one of the very few places in the world that do not allow any vehicles at all, so you step into the little town. You will be transported by horse riding, mini train, and old-world ear of red soiled roads.

In Matheran, you can enjoy lush green hills all around, a pleasing atmosphere, and the verdant beauty of nature. You can also enjoy here adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding in Matheran.

Matheran is known as the cutest little hill station in India. This is an eco friendly hill station. Matheran is the best place for photographers to explore and capture the best of the beauty of the hill station. In Matheran, there is the toy train that runs slowly and this is an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the western ghat’s scenic views. Matheran is famous for its viewpoints. You can enjoy 36 viewpoints of the Sahyadri mountain range and also the best place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise view. Matheran is filled with fresh air and greenery, so you love getting lost in nature.

The panorama point offers the best views across the mountains of the western ghats and Louisa’s point has views of waterfalls. Matheran hill station’s cold breeze and fresh air devoid of pollution is reason enough for tourists to throng to Matheran all year round. This is an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Alexander Point

Alexander Point is one of the best and famous point of Matheran. This point is filled with a lush green mountain view. You can see a different side of the mountains. According to my experience sunrise and sunset the best time to visit this beautiful viewpoint. Alexander point is the perfect place to see the glimpses of the skyline and this point is also famous for panoramic views of rambaug point, chowk point, and beautiful palasdari lake. You can also see the beautiful view of borgaon village. At the time of sunrise, this point creates a very mesmerizing view, its like the sun rising and dancing on the trees, birds freely flying in their kingdom, and very very beautiful lush green landscapes view. This is also the best place for nature photography. Capturing sunrise and sunset is the best from this point.

Alexander Point - Matheran - wayfarersoulmatescom

              Alexander Point is 1.5 km from the Matheran market so it’s a very pleasant walk from one’s hotel to this point. This point is also close to the toy train station so it is more crowded as compared to other places. Alexander point has some snack stalls and also there is a zip-lining option available from here to rambaug point.

Louis Point

Louis Point - Matheran

Louis point is one of the best viewpoints in Matheran. You must visit this place. Don’t miss this place. This place will offer you some breathtaking views and enjoying the valley around here. This place is best for photography so this place also known as a photographer’s paradise because this place offers the best views of mountains valleys and lakes If you visit this place during the monsoon season. This viewpoint offers you a heavenly view because of the waterfalls. This is also the best place to watch the sunset. Louis point has some best views like a panoramic view of the vishalgad fort and waterfalls, lake gardens. This place offers two picturesque – one view of the sky kissing mountains and a beautiful view of the valley below and the other view is the lake charlotte and that looks like a diamond necklace. This view offers spent hours and watch the beauty of nature and relishing moment of silence. This place is almost 1.5 km away from the market. Visit Louis point on a clear day to enjoy a ravishing view of nature.

Garbett point

Basically Garbett point is Garbett plateau trek and this is located in the southwest direction of Matheran. This place has various waterfalls, mountains, and lakes. So Garbett to Matheran trekking is very famous for adventure lovers. If you do this trek during the monsoon you will see the lush green landscape and many waterfalls, but the trek is very slippery during the monsoon. So this trek is with fill with untouched natural beauty. This trek has some beautiful viewpoints like Dhom lake, Sagachiwadi, Garbett plateau and Garbett point walk into a lovely forest and it will take about half an hour to Matheran.

Garbett Point - Matheran - wayfarersoulmatescom

                      So Garbett point is a place from where an enthralling view of beautiful valleys, green mountains, and waterfalls also view of elegant sunrise and sunset views. This point is a less visited vantage point. This point has a beautiful view of diksal waterfall and ashane waterfall.

Echo Point

Echo Point - Matheran

Echo point is a very famous viewpoint in Matheran. This is the best place to enjoy a spectacular view of lush green mountains and clouds and get delighted with the reverberations and echoes. You should visit this place early in the morning because it’s crowded during the day time. This place is also known for its cleanliness and if you visit this place during the monsoon, this place fills with magnificent waterfalls views. Echo Point is the best place for adventure lovers and by providing opportunities for various adventure sports like zip lines and mountain climbing. Here you can find various snack stalls and small shops. July to February is the best time to visit this place. So this is the best place to relax and admire nature in its full glory. Echo point can be reached by walk and it takes half-hour from the market area.

One tree hill Point

One Tree Hill Point is one of the best scenic viewpoint in Matheran. According to the points name, it has one tree growing on top of the hill. One tree hill point offers a very pleasant view of a beautiful deep valley, green mountains, and stretching forest. One tree hill point is also famous for trekking. There are many adventure lovers who do this trek. This trek gives such a mesmerizing view of the surrounding tourist spots of tent hill and chowk village. You can enjoy the scenic beauty on the way of the trek. This place is best for relaxation and unwinds in the midst of nature.

One tree Hill Point - Matheran - wayfarersoulmatescom


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